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QBP & Associates

QBP & Associates is a family holding since 2020. Created to enhance a different vision in the business world, QBP aims to help vulnerable communities evolve in society, such as women and people diagnosed with autism. 

QBP & Associates also included services for small and growing businesses to their services to improve the life of their entrepreneurs and workers.



Provide innovative tools and solutions in project and human resource management and support local entrepreneurs in the development of their entrepreneurial projects. 

Be the leader in the development of projects, organizational solutions and work environment while improving the life of the community by promoting inclusion and diversity in the workplace.



Global and innovative vision of the world and the work space by analyzing the needs of the organizations in order to find the best solutions for them


Brings together passionate professionals who have the desire to change the world


Bring up your creativity in an inclusive, participative and different work environment that listens to all our employess

Team Work

Value teamwork by encouraging collaboration and bring innovative ideas to the organization. Every idea is worth exploring



Quentin Béarez

Quentin brings joy and new perspectives everywhere he goes. He his a lover of travel and he loves to explore new places and opportunities. 

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Béatrice Béarez

PMP, CRHA - Béatrice is a leader who loves to develop new ideas and always thinks outside the box to accomplish her goals.

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Patricia Rapold

Patricia does everything with her heart and to help others. Her variety of experiences allow her to explore out-of-the-box ideas and solutions for QBP and the community.

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Image by Alyssa Hurley
Image by Alyssa Hurley
Image by Alyssa Hurley
Image by Alyssa Hurley
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